Beyoncé’s next blessing: LEMONADE


Stevie LeWarne, Journalist

Where to begin.  Beyoncé has shocked the world with another visual album, if you haven’t already heard.  On April 23, the visual album LEMONADE premiered on HBO and soon after was released on the music streaming service Tidal.  Social media instantly started booming with celebrities and reporters expressing their praise of the new art Beyoncé presented to the public.  

For those who haven’t indulged in the new album, here are the reviews track by track:


Pray You Catch Me


This first track on the album creates a somber mood that pushes the listener to question the honesty within their own personal relationships.  The silent beginning is broken with a genuine verse of betrayal by Beyoncé.  The song continues into a chorus praying for a moment of revelation with the lyrics, “I’m prayin’ to catch you whispering, I’m prayin’ you catch me listening.”  


Hold Up


Beyoncé instantly goes into this upbeat, reggae-styled song that makes a declaration of love superiority.  This track in particular has gotten a lot of talk because of her bold video that goes with it.  In the video,  Beyoncé flaunts a flowy yellow dress and skips around a street bashing in car windows with a baseball bat named “Hot Sauce.”  This song bears the question “what’s worse lookin’ jealous or crazy, jealous or crazy?”  It is a catchy tune that is bound to get stuck in your head all day.


Don’t Hurt Yourself


Beyoncé holds nothing back in this fierce track.  With the help of Jack White on the chorus, this song intimidates all listeners.  The lyrics express pride and power in one’s own self image.  This is the type of song to play when you are in need of a little empowerment and confidence.  The rumours around this song erupted with Beyoncé’s final lyric, “If you try this stuff again, you gon lose your wife.”  




The fourth track on the album is unapologetic despite the title.  Beyoncé continues with her theme of being cheated on by waving goodbye to her past relationships in this song.  The lyrics portray a night out with the girls without any cares or worries about old lovers.  For those trying to forget about an ex, this song is just for you.  The music carries a strong beat and an addictive hook that will have you belting, “I ain’t thinking ‘bout you.”


Six Inch


Beyoncé’s fifth track on LEMONADE praises all those who work hard and love doing it.  The song begins with a thundering low bass that calls for attention.  Popular singer, The Weeknd, is featured in this song with a smooth, echoing verse.  Charts are showing that this song has the potential to be one of the hit singles from the album.  Beyoncé continues to inspire in the lyric, “She too smart to crave material things, she pushing herself day and night.”  


Daddy Lessons


No one saw a track like this to come from pop and R&B artist Beyoncé.  At a first listen, one could mistake this for a country song.  A New Orleans twang drives the chorus, making it almost impossible not to slap your thigh to the beat.  Like the title points out, this song expresses the life lessons Beyoncé learned from her father.  Whether it is about boys, overcoming struggles, or being strong, Beyoncé covers it all in this fun and happy tune.  “Came into this world, daddy’s little girl, and daddy made a soldier out of me.”


Love Drought


This song begins with a mesmerizing interlude that transports the listener to another dimension.  Beyoncé reflects on the struggles of her relationship and discovers a truth.  She realizes that her love is powerful and has the potential to “move a mountain.”  She wonders why her lover doesn’t notice her.  The song reveals some desperation within Beyoncé for the first time in the album.




Being one of the only ballads on the album, this song is packed with emotion.  This song shows a Beyoncé sincerely hurt.  She describes the process of building up a relationship like a “sandcastle” and painfully watching it wash away.  In the short film that goes along with the album, Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband, is shown holding and kissing her.  This song expresses hope in new beginnings.  Marriage takes work.  Beyoncé makes it known that she is not giving up, no matter how heartbroken she’s been.




With a refreshing turning point in the album, Beyoncé takes charge for her future.  She decides to forget the past and move “forward.”  Male singer James Blake is featured all throughout this short song with sensitive vocals.  Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner are shown in photographs that their mothers hold in the emotional video segment for this track.  The song makes peace with wrongdoings and turns to create goals for a better tomorrow.




Beyoncé belts in this new anthem dedicated to black women.  The song is a driving force with energy bursting from every aspect: vocals, bass, and instrumental.  Rapper Kendrick Lamar gives a compelling verse on racism towards the end of the track.  The lyrics hold great depth and meaning in them when referring to black history, women’s issues, and current racial struggles.  Beyoncé takes matters into her own hands singing, “I break chains all by myself, won’t let my freedom rot in hell. Hey! I’ma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.”


All Night


This track is the perfect culmination of the album’s journey.  Beyoncé sings in complete bliss of a love that has survived.  The chorus arcs with a smooth melody that celebrates “sweet love.”  As a whole, the track is simply stunning.  Some of Beyoncé’s most inspiring lyrics are found in this masterpiece.  “True love breathes salvation back into me.  With every tear came redemption and my torturer became my remedy.”




Beyoncé’s single from LEMONADE ends the album.  This track is an all-out anthem honoring black culture.  The song was released during Black History Month and alludes to support for the Black Lives Matter foundation.  It is an upbeat song with a chorus that calls for unity.  “Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation,” has become an iconic phrase demanding for a world where all are equal and treated with respect.


LEMONADE has already taken over charts and broken historic records.  The album is now available on iTunes for $17.99 and sold as hard copies in all Targets.  This type of music is not only nice to listen to, but reflects upon important truths in life.  Everyone should go take a listen and watch the short film of LEMONADE because it is sure to make its mark on history.