Clash of Catholics

One of the largest trends among Dowling Catholic students is an app called “Clash Royale”. This app is a spin-off of the popular game “Clash of Clans”. Unlike “Clash of Clans”, where one would use buildings and monsters to defend their base from attackers and defeat their foes, “Clash Royale” uses a card-based system in which a play must try and destroy three of their opponents’ castles in a short amount of time.  Players can create ‘clans’ and invite friends either directly or through social media to join their clans. Someone in a clan can ask for extra cards to gain extra experience points to level up their cards, or just play a friendly match with their friends. This new mobile game has become a hot sensation in the world-wide, and in Dowling Catholic.

“It’s really addicting!” said Dowling Senior and self-described elite gamer Chris Laurenzo. “It’s easy to pick up and play anytime when you have a few minutes to kill. In the hallway, at school, on the can, it’s no wonder mobile games are so popular when they are so accessible.”

Chris created the Dowling clan “West Side Dragons” which features over 50 Dowling students from all grade levels. Colloquially known at Dowling Catholic as “Clash,” this activity has become a nuisance for some.

“It’s a new distraction,” said an anonymous Dowling teacher. “It’s fine that they’re bonding or whatever, but it shouldn’t be interrupting class.”

However, there are some concerns that some may have about this recent rise in mobile games. Most mobile games that are free, such as “Candy Crush”, “Game of War”, and “World of Tanks” use a fake currency that players can use to have an advantage over others. These items usually come in the form of coins, gems, crystals, etc. and can be bought with real-world cash.

It’s pretty scary, actually. I know someone that spent over $200 on ‘Clash of Clans’,” Clash player Mario Medina said.  “I just hope no one at Dowling gets suckered into that.”

While it is possible to play these mobile games without payment, the apps often do use manipulative methods to try and get players to give them extra cash such as egregiously long wait times and giving extra benefits to those who pay that extra buck.