Grad Party Hopping!


Erin Hughes

‘Tis the season…for grad parties! As the second weekend in May approaches, senior graduation parties are going to start adding up during the weekends. Here are some tips for grad party hopping this season.


Definitely go with a car full of people to each grad party if possible. It is so much fun to drive around with friends and listen to music as you go from party to party. It is also nice to have someone riding passenger so you can have a navigator.


  1. Map out your day

Look at all the parties you have to go to each day and map out where each one is and approximately how long you want to be at each party. This will insure that you make it to every party you intended on making it to.


  1. Pace yourself

With all of the grad parties this season, you are sure to get to eat some of the best food around, whether that be from restaurants or mom’s kitchen. Make sure to plan when you want to eat a full meal and when you want to just snack or grab a dessert at each party.  


  1. Write notes

When you go to your buddies parties make sure to take a second and write them a little note. Most grad parties have a place where you can sign and leave a message. These are your high school friends and they will love to read what you left them in a couple years.


  1. Prioritize

If you have too many grad parties to attend think about how close you are to each person. Make sure you go to the grad parties of the seniors you are closest to!