28 Thoughts I had while watching “Stranger Things”

28 Thoughts I had while watching Stranger Things

Megan Mullenbach

At Dowling, it is hard not to be asked this one question at least 5 times: “Have you watched Stranger Things?” With countless people recommending this Netflix Original, I had to try it out.

What I thought I knew before:

-I think it’s about experiments on children, and they run away?

-I know I’ve heard that everyone loves “eleven.”


And then I pressed play…

-Wait. It has supernatural elements?

-I’ve seen so many pictures of this kid with the curly hair and hat.

-Wait, how old are these children? They’re swearing and talking like teenagers.

-It’s funny how much  much ’80s stuff they’re incorporating.

-Aw, this curly-haired kid’s smile is too cute.

-So are the three kids getting kidnapped on their way home?

-Wait. What is this kid going to do with just some bolts?

-Well I guess this kid is holding a gun now.

-How does this kid know how to use a gun?

-Ah, so only one kid gets kidnapped.

-So, do the other kids have to find Will?

-Oooh, they call episodes, “chapters.” I like it.

-I’m liking this background music; it makes it feel more lighthearted.

-They’re really embracing the cliché of cops and doughnuts.

-Aw cute, the kids are so dorky.

-Oooh, so this is “Eleven.”

-Ohhh, so the kids are the supernatural ones. I love it.

-Wait, did one of the supernatural kids kidnap Will?

– Oh my goodness, those huge walkie talkies.

-Aw, Eleven is such a cutie when the cook tells her to smile.

-Aw, nothing can go right for Eleven.

-Wow, these experiments are really secretive.

-Isn’t the cook seeing watching them try to take Eleven?

-I bet she meets up with the three boys and they try to save Will together.

-Awe yeah, I called it; they met Eleven.

– OK, so this is cool.