Winter Break Netflix Recommendations


Megan Mullenbach

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Genre: Comedy

Seasons: 1

This is such an overlooked show. Rebecca Bunch, an accomplished lawyer, decides she is unhappy with her life and moves to West Covina. And she definitely didn’t move across the country because her ex-boyfriend lives there!


Fuller House

Genre: Sitcom

Seasons: 2

Season 2 of the Full House spin-off was just added in time for Winter break. And if you haven’t watched the first season, there is no better time! This spinoff is perfect for if you ever thought that Full House did not have enough seasons.


John Mulaney: New in Town/ John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

If you have never watched a comedy special, John Mulaney is the best place to start. If you are feeling down, John Mulaney’s clever humor will keep you laughing nonstop.


Parks and Recreation

Genre: Mockumentary Sitcom

Seasons: 7

If you haven’t watched Parks and Rec yet, you are missing out. Parks and Rec centers around the idealistic Leslie Knope who will stop at nothing to make her town a better place. This show is full of heart and laughter and will most certainly make your life better.


Grey’s Anatomy

Genre: Drama

Seasons: 12

If you are wanting an addictive show to binge over break, look no further than Grey’s Anatomy. The show is more than endless soap-opera moments, it has many comedic moments. And these doctors’ intriguing lives keep all audiences enthralled.