This is Us: Must see show

Alexis Riesberg, Staff

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Have a Kleenex box ready when watching This is Us, because you will experience a flood of emotions in this roller coaster drama.

This show not only teaches parenting and love, but it teaches about how family is everything. You start the show off with a couple who’s pregnant with triplets, Then as time goes on, we see the kids now adult that have their struggles. Once in a while though, they will flashback and show how they grew up.

“Good balance between present and past,” sophomore Kelsey Schweizer, who has watched This is Us, said.

This show tells you about what a family is. Not only the good times, but the hard times as well. Its one of the realist show you will ever watch.

“A lot of different characters with a lot of different influences in their life, and different struggles they’re going through. Which is different than most things I see on TV,” English teacher Ms. Cain said.

You get to go through the struggle of relationships, family, and the world. You get all this while just sitting on your couch.

When you start watching this show you may have heard it was good, but you will have no idea what you just got into. If you need more convincing, listen to some other people who have the same opinion  

“Every one should watch it,” Schweizer said.

“People should watch it cause its really creatively done..More substance,” Cain said.

This is Us is a mental roller coaster of emotions that you’ll feel every second of it.

Cain said, “You won’t regret watching the show.”

The link below is a preview for This is Us.