5 Reasons Why I Love Chipotle

Anna Rose Corell, Staff

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Follow me around for more than a day, and you will have memorized my standard order at Chipotle: a burrito bowl with brown rice, double chicken, mild salsa, and guac. Bam. Meal supplied, satisfaction guaranteed. I’ve adventured to this restaurant countless times and decided it was time to formally share my passion for this wonderfully crafted Mexican food. Ask any of my friends and they’ll confirm my obsession for this powerful comida. After spending countless afternoons, evenings and nights driving to the nearest location, I’ve wondered why Chipotle satisfies my stomach, heart, and soul so much. In order to subside my curiosity, I’ve compiled a list of five reasons that rationalize my passion… obsession… errr… addiction for this restaurant.

First and foremost, the quality of the food is through the roof. It’s real stuff—the restaurant proudly proclaims buying fresh ingredients to raise the bar. They develop close relationships with their farm and animal suppliers and only collaborate with people that raise animals or farm up to their standards. Even better than that, anyone can eat at Chipotle. The gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options serve a versatile audience. All else aside, this statement remains true: Chipotle’s food is high quality and highly delicious.

Second, the restaurant has serious integrity. Take a minute to read anything on Chipotle’s website and you’ll know exactly what I mean. The customers are the focus, and they want everyone to have the best experience possible whenever inside a business. Because they take pride in the food they serve, the kitchens are intentionally located directly behind the counter so customers can see how the crew prepares each ingredient. In 2013, Chip said goodbye to GMOs and proudly advertises that fact. They say that every decision they make about their business affects a lot more than just people wanting to eat Mexican food—their decisions affect the quality of the Earth. This is only beginning to scratch the surface of the information the company provides—it’s more than enough to capture my business.

Third, the staff cultivates a positive and inviting environment. Before you even make it to counter, the crew welcomes you with a friendly “Hello!” or “How are you?”. They are the ones that carry out the values of the restaurant, and they do a darn good job. The career lineup starts with the crew members and then moves up to kitchen managers, service managers, apprentices, general managers, and finally, restaurateurs. Working at Chipotle is a luxury itself; every single employee—including crew— receives medical benefits, paid vacation, meals, 401(k), clothing, bonuses, and tuition assistance. These talented people are credited with enriching each customer’s experience in the restaurant, and they continuously nail it every single day.

Speaking of the atmosphere, this brings me to the fourth reason I love supporting Chipotle. The interior aesthetic is unique and consistent among all locations. Co-CEO, Steve Ells, started the first restaurant in Denver and didn’t have a large budget. This forced him to use used raw materials and whatever else he could find. This obstacle turned into a core principle of the restaurant: the design is exposed so you can see the raw ingredients in front of you. The food and design are parallel, adding more integrity to this motherhood of beautifully crafted burritos. The industrial design is present in the stainless steel and exposed pipes. Adding to the experience of eating out at this joint, contemporary music is heard playing in the background. The “Chipotle” playlist can be found on Spotify, which contains all the current beats making customers bounce in line. Walking into Chipotle is about more than the (reliable, delicious, real) food—it’s about the experience.

Lastly, their guacamole adds another element of satisfaction to the experience. Not many other restaurants produce over 48 batches of handmade guac each day, but of course, Chipotle does. They’re so proud of this product that anyone can find the exact recipe on their website, adding yet another layer of integrity to the restaurant. One of Chip’s greatest deterrents is the fact that they don’t offer queso dip, but their fresh guac conquers the absence of the so-called melted cheese. The crew always asks if the customer knows that guac costs extra, but for regulars like me, I’m more than aware—and okay—with it. Tell me how much to pay for the heavenly combination of avocados, and I’m on it.