Who’s Asking Who: Winter Formal Edition

Alexis Riesberg, Staff Writer

Winter Formal is rapidly approaching at Dowling Catholic. The junior and senior girls here have taken a lot of thought and creativity. There’s been some great ones that everyone is saying yes to. People have gone out of their way to find the perfect stops and times to ask.

People like Kate Flynn and Matthew Bishop stopped each other right out of cross fit.

Anna LeWarne and Brandon Waechter sung their way to the “Sound Of Music” right before the big day.

Annie Bowman took the leap of faith with the Steelers puns, and even though they lost she won with a date with Mitch Goff.

Kate Brosnahan took a look at her date and knew that Nick Hall’s hair would be the way to his heart.

Kirby Power brought her jokes with her to ask Tyler Blakely.

Morgan Meilander asked Thomas Bejarno just the right way that he said yes.

Natasha Wibowo had so much fun the first dance she thought to ask Joey Dorhrmann again with a good luck at state.

Taylor Glade won away Edwin Leanos just by saying his name.

No matter how everyone asked their date or how you got asked or if your just partying with friends, Winter Formal will be a blast. Remember to be safe and make good choices and do not forget to have a good time!