What’s on my bookshelf: ‘Everything, Everything’

Alexis Riesberg, Staff Writer

 “Everything, Everything” is truly everything you could want in a young adult love novel. You start off  getting to know this girl who has one of the rarest diseases in the world, SCID. Basically she is allergic to the outside world. She lives in a moderated home that only lets in what her lungs can handle.

This girl with this rare disease is named Madeline. She goes through the same routine and even wears almost the same boring clothes everyday. Her mom and her nurse, Carla, are the only outside people she ever sees, until one day when her world is turned.

A new family moves to the neighborhood and much to her surprise she sees a boy, Olly, around her age. Then the trouble all happens with the first instant message that is sent neighbor to neighbor. For the first time in her life she is left feeling something she’s never felt before: love.

This novel takes you through a forbidden love story where the characters are separated by a disease. It focuses on being diverse and taking in your own personal flaws. It also tells a story of an outcast who has never experienced the outside world.

Madeline will quickly make it into one of your favorite characters in a book. She is so quirky and relatable that everyone can find a piece of themselves in her. Olly  will really grab your attention as well throughout the story. You see the way he changes thought out the novel and how his relationship with Madeline develops in to something you would never though could happen.

After reading this book you’ll be excited to know that this book will released into a movie on May 19, 2017.  So grab ‘Everything, Everything’ and you’ll be happy that you did and won’t want to put it down.