A Come to Jesus between Students and Teachers

Noah Smith, Writer

Students and teachers have always had their annoyances with one another. After asking several people from both parties, a list of the pet peeves has been compiled.

Students’ Pet Peeves about Teachers

Teachers gang up on students

They have no feelings.

They think that their class is the only one their students take.

When they stand at the front of the classroom while the whole class is talking, expecting that students be quiet.

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Teachers expect students to have a binder for their class but they don’t three hole punch their papers they hand out.

When teachers take forever to grade a test and then complain about how many tests they have to grade.

When they act like grading is a paper is harder than writing it.

Teachers who lose students’ work.

When they bring their home life to school and always talk about it.

When teachers eat in class.

Teachers who teach after the bell.

When teachers don’t give a study guide.

When they give busy work or homework just for the sake of it.

Teachers who don’t know how to use the smart board.

Teachers who force their political opinions on students.

Teachers who never change the seating chart, leaving students stuck by the same person the whole semester.

When the whole class is talking or on their phones but a teacher chooses to call out one student they don’t like about it.

When teachers require students to keep “4 on the floor” in regards to their chair.

Teachers who take points off a test or paper but don’t give a reason or a reason that’s valid.

When teachers announce the class period before a test that there is a test without any prior notification.

Teachers who don’t let you go to the bathroom.

Teachers say “I don’t know CAN you?” when a student asks “Can I…?”

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Teachers who say they have a strict phone policy but won’t take a student’s phone when they are always on their phone during class.

When teachers don’t let students pick their groups for a group project.

Teachers’ Pet Peeves about Students

Students who always have their phones out.

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When students expect teachers to grade their tests or papers immediately after they’re turned in.

Students who expect a summary of a 90 minute class period in approximately a minute, especially as they are about to leave.

Students who expect they can ask to make up a test randomly during a class period without previously setting up a time with the teacher.

Students who sharpen their pencil or ask to use the restroom at the most inconvenient times possible.

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When students ask “Have you fixed my grade yet?.”

When students talk while the teacher is talking.

When students repeatedly don’t come to class with their necessary materials.

When a simple instruction is given and a student immediately asks a question regarding it, despite the fact that it was extremely simple.

When a student asks a question that was just answered.

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When water bottles don’t make it into the recycling bin and nobody picks it up, and when they’re thrown in the trash.

When students walk out of the classroom after last period before the final “amen” is said after prayer.

Although some of the pet peeves are unjust, there will always be the battle between those educating and those being educated. Just remember to always be courteous and respectful to both teachers and students, no matter who you are.