It’s that time of the year again, every high student will unanimously say this is their favorite break they receive. Spring Break. Some will travel and others will decide to stay home. “Staycation” is the technical term for those who will stay home and enjoy their break in their local city. Many are happy to stay home and do their regular routine, not having school is already a plus.

“I’m not too upset about not traveling for spring break” senior Alek Jok said. “I plan to travel during the summer.”

Staying home can be fun if you make it fun by going to different places you’ve never been before or simply catch up on your sleep.

Jok said, “I will dog sit, work, work out and hang out with friends.” These are just four things among the list of activities she has planned to do during her break. Other activities are going to the movies, riding bikes in downtown, binge watch shows on Netflix, and she wants to explore around Des Moines to see what places she will discover.

Senior Jennifer Flores is taking advantage of this Spring Break to “spend time with my aunt who is going to be in town and I don’t get to see very much of.” Flores said, “I’m also going to take this opportunity to catch up on all things I have to do for college.”

Other things that people can do is road trip to smaller towns in Iowa,

Senior Paige said, “I’m up to Ames during my break and experience the college life with my sister who is a junior at Iowa State University.” She also plans to go to Storm Lake to visit family.

Make sure to explore, try new things, catch up on sleep, start new shows, and enjoy your STAYcation.