Spring Breaking the High Spirits

Although Instagram may have portrayed beautiful destinations and pure bliss over Spring Break, the Post tells a different story. A few students at Dowling shared their unexpected trials of woe that happened over Spring Break.

Pat Sheehy, a sophomore, had an unfortunate concussion and head injury during a game of basketball. Sheehy was vacationing in Florida.

“I was playing basketball and I hit my head on a pole,” Sheehy said. “I had to get 3 staples and I have a concussion now.”

Although not fully recovered, Sheehy is gradually getting better and is at school.

Jordan Kelleher, a sophomore, witnessed the passing of her golden retriever, Copper, over the break.

“We took him to the vet, and he wasn’t in good shape,” Kelleher said. “Unfortunately we had to put him down.”

Kelleher took a trip to California over break as well, which helped lift her spirits after the untimely death of her dog.

“Going to California definitely helped,” Kelleher said.

Ashley Coppola, a senior at Dowling Catholic, got sun poisoning. Coppola went vacationing in Cancun. Mexico.

“It looks like a roll,” senior Ryley Sinnott said upon observing a picture.

Fortunately for Coppola, she was not afflicted by it the whole break.

“I got it on Thursday,” Coppola said. “My foot got fat.”

Coppola is fully recovered now.

Although there seems to have been an array of tragedies over spring break, we hope that all conflicts have been resolved without severe repercussions.