Bakery Backfire

Before the other night I considered myself a pretty good baker.  I can make cookies, granted they’re from the box, and simple cakes. I decided to try to step it up and really test my baking skills.

My plan was to make sugar cookie cheesecake bars, which didn’t go so well. Actually that’s an understatement, it went horrible.

The first step for making these bars is to crush up Golden Oreo cookies and combine them with butter.  Then you press the mixture into the bottom of a pan.  I did this part successfully except for pressing the mixture into the pan part.

The mixture didn’t stick to the pan well, and wasn’t thick enough. Instead of trying to solve this problem by attempting to make it thicker somehow, I  continued with this disaster of a recipe.

The next step is to combine cream cheese, sugar, egg, and vanilla in an electric mixer. I surprisingly did this step accurately. I then tried to spread this over the Oreo mixture on the bottom of the pan.

The cream cheese spread almost absorbed into the Oreo mixture, it didn’t even look like I spread anything over it.

The final step was to get cookie dough and flatten it over the cream cheese spread and Oreo mixture.  As I was doing this I stopped what I was doing and just looked at my creation. A strong feeling in my gut told me this was not going to workout like it should, and it certainly wasn’t going to look like the picture on the internet.

So I then did something I’m not proud of, I gave up. I did not follow through and put it in the oven, instead I just ate little pieces of this creation raw. On the bright side, it wasn’t so bad raw, pretty tasty actually.

I have learned that my calling in life is definitely not baking. Sad to say, but you will not be seeing Ashley Coppola’s name in a cook book anytime soon.