Locker Laziness or Backpack Brio

One of the lesser recorded differences between Dowling Catholic and metro public high schools is that of carrying around a backpack versus keeping all materials in a locker. This slight difference may provide for an entirely contrasting school day experience. While students at Dowling are given more than enough time to travel from class to class, they are required to keep all books and materials in a locker. Students at the surrounding public schools are given just enough time to journey from class to class, but are allowed to carry around backpacks with all of the materials they will need in a day. The staggering change in duration of passing periods between schools seems astronomical at first glance, since schools such as Valley or Waukee are nearly twice or three times the size as Dowling Catholic. However, students at Dowling are often forced to walk the entire length of the school twice in one passing period. Dreaded are the days in which a student must travel from the 400 hallway to their locker in the art hallway and back to their next class in the 600 hallway, all in a shortened 5-minute passing period. There are many positives and negatives to each scenario. Many Dowling students were interviewed about their opinion of the matter:

“I would rather carry around a backpack because I would prefer to keep all of my books and things at home. It’s much easier to have all of your books with you at all times. This would mean I wouldn’t have to go to the crazy locker bay every passing period. Also, I can never get my locker open, so it would be a plus if I could avoid that!” –Anne Teeling, 12

“Having shorter passing periods and being able to carry around your backpack would be ideal. Nothing really happens during passing periods other than students complaining about a class they don’t like or a test they don’t want to take. Students would be held more responsible for having their materials with them and teachers would not have to send students to their lockers to get things they forgot.” –Megan McAllister, 12

“I think I would rather have longer passing periods and go to our lockers the way we do now. With the amount of time we are given now, I am able to go to the bathroom, socialize, or even eat a snack between classes. I would rather not be forced go to a class while I still have to use the restroom or be hungry.” –Quincy Strawhecker, 11

“I would rather have longer passing periods without backpacks because I would still go to my locker either way. I know that I couldn’t carry everything in my backpack. I also like having enough time to socialize and see friends I don’t have classes with.” –Alyssa Weber, 12

It is expected that many students would desire a change from their regulatory routine and experience something they do not currently. A few students, however, are still appreciative of the system provided at Dowling. It is not likely that this tradition will alter any time soon, but taking a glance at the experiences of other metro high schools is often an interesting endeavor.