Seniors: Last months & lost motivation

Anna Rose Corell, Staff

The term “chill senior” takes on a whole new meaning for the soon-to-be-grads after spring break. With a ten day break under their belt and a faint whiff of freedom lingering in the air, it can be hard to find the motivation to end the year on a strong note. Academics take a back seat as every day brings them closer to graduation.

What causes this shift in mentality? Perhaps it’s the shifting weather that signals summer is coming soon, or maybe it’s the lack of enthusiasm for spring sports. Whatever it is, the end is in sight, and nothing else seems to matter. Seniors Ella Dryer and Olivia Denkinger agree.

“Senioritis is when it sets in that you’re almost done with school, so you start getting really lazy with assignments and studying. Spring break gives you the impression you’re almost done, like second semester is almost over,” Denkinger shares.

Dryer adds, “You know you’re already accepted in a school and you know you have options. You’ll have one teacher that’s like, ‘I understand you guys can’t do anything’ (after spring break), and then everyone else gives four assignments and tests.”

The push to graduate is very high, and the anticipation is building. Who knows what could happen between now and May 26, but it’s expected that the number of chill seniors will increase everyday.