11 Super Simple MORP costume ideas


Jenna Lynn Bindel

For those of you who don’t know MORP is a sort of anti-prom for seniors where you wear costumes instead of formal attire. Some people get really into it, but for those chill seniors who just don’t care, you need an effortless DIY costume that’ll just get you by. So, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of them, good luck.

Scooby-Doo and his gang: For a small group of five or six people consider a blast to the past with this effortless costume. Materials needed: A green shirt, Khakis (let’s get real we all have plenty of those), A purple dress, green scarf, jeans, white hoodie or sweatshirt, glasses, orange turtle neck, red skirt, a collar, an old brown shirt, and a sharpie. While you could go all out and get the appropriate wigs and replica costumes, wearing the same colors as the gang will give people the right idea. For Scooby’s costume just draw spots on a shirt with a sharpie and call it good. Perfect for that group with an awkward dateless fifth wheel, if you have six, have one member throw on a teal shirt and label them “mystery machine” and you are good to go.

A rainbow: Fairly straight forward, grab a group of six (including you) and just wear jeans and colored shirts, but be sure to coordinate, not everyone can be purple. Materials needed: A red shirt, an orange shirt, a yellow shirt, a green shirt, a blue shirt, and a purple shirt. There really isn’t much to it, if you can’t figure it out maybe you should just stay home.

Scrabble tiles: This one is so impossibly easy for any size group and it takes only seconds to put together. It’s perfect for the group that can’t get their act together and one person plans everything. Materials needed: Cardboard squares and a sharpie. All you have to do is pick a word that has the same number of letters as people in your group (or you can just use your initials) and draw block letters on the cardboard, then look up what point value each letter is worth and mark it on the bottom right. If you want you can hang them around your neck with a string by simply hole punching the corners far enough down that it won’t rip, but honestly that’s a lot of work.

Powerpuff girls: For that close-knit group of ladies that don’t need no men. Show your girl power and just go with your squad. Materials needed: A pink shirt, a green shirt, and a blue shirt. You can get real fancy with this one too, but there is no need, just wear the colors and tell people what you are, this is supposed to be easy people. If you do want to get fancy you could get colored dresses and black belts and Mary Janes and all that fancy stuff, but lets get real, nobody has watched this show since 2010, they won’t know how accurate your costume is.

Emojis: Again, easily customizable to your group size, but with slightly more effort. Materials needed: Yellow shirts and Fabric markers. This one is pretty easy, but again make sure you coordinate, everyone pick their favorite emoji and draw it on a yellow shirt, wear jeans or leggings and call it good. Again, if you want to go the extra mile you could try the full body emojis like the runners or the dancing people, but nobody is really going to care.

M&Ms: This is pretty much the same as the rainbow, but just a tad more unique. Materials needed: A red shirt, an orange shirt, a yellow shirt, a green shirt, a blue shirt, a brown shirt, and a marker or white fabric. All you got to do is draw an M or pin white fabric on the shirts, and that’s it you’re done.

Babies: This one is barely a costume, but hey, if that is you, go for it. Materials needed: That one adult onesie that everyone has in their closet. Sure, get a giant pacifier, bib, and over sized bonnet, but really this is just an excuse to wear your pajamas.

Russian Nesting Dolls: Honestly, this one is a stretch, but it could totally work. Materials needed: matching outfits and people who aren’t the exact same height. Dress up identically, do your hair the same-ish, and line up in order from tallest to shortest. You could try making identical ornate costumes, but who has the time. This one will probably be more amusing if it is just bad, so wear your state playoffs shirt that you all got when you went to the game together, or that matching American eagle hoodie you all have for some reason and go chill.

Things: You know the annoying shirts parents make their kids wear that say “thing one” and “thing two”, but then they have another kid and they get one that says “thing three: even though there are only supposed to be two. Well you can do this as well. Materials needed: White or red shirts and a fabric marker. Draw a circle on the shirt, write THING arched inside the circle and then label each shirt in order until you have enough for every member in your group. If you plan to wear this more than once, you could go to the mall together and get those custom shirts available at like every other kiosk, but let us be honest with ourselves, you’re looking to spend like five dollars and less than 10 minutes on this, so just DIY.

Minions: The trend is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it. Materials needed: Yellow shirts, overalls or jeans, and safety goggles. You can certainly go to the extreme with this one, but honestly people we get the idea. In fact, you probably don’t even really need the safety goggles.

Beanie Babies: Go back to your ‘90s roots and embrace the trend, even if it wasn’t that cool back then. Materials needed: Animal Print, string, and printed out pictures of the TY heart logo. Meet in the parking lot in your leopard leggings or cow costume and one person distribute the cutouts which have been threaded around a string and put the tag on your wrist. This one is actually kid of creative for the effort put into it.