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School is hard. Really hard. And as humans, we don’t like things to be hard. We like to take the easy route out and do things with minimal stress and effort. Unfortunately, that is not the case with school.

Studying for school, especially finals, can be a difficult thing, so it only makes sense to try and find advice from as many sources as possible. And what better people to get advice from than former students?

The alumni at Dowling Catholic are willing and ready to offer as much advice as they can for the students they teach.

Choir teacher Mr. Tipping offers his wisdom to Freshmen and Sophomores in regards to choosing a career path.

“Enjoy the present moment, but be prepared for the future. Dream big, and then make your plan. That’s very important,” Tipping said.

As for the Juniors and Seniors, he advises that when it comes to life after Dowling to “continue to be involved in things that bring them joy. Whether it’s art, whether it’s playing in an intramural sports league, whatever it is, find ways to keep doing things that bring you joy.”

Mr. Baranosky, the Acting 1 and Acting + teacher  also gives some tips.

To the Juniors and Seniors whose life after Dowling is fast approaching, he says, “You will miss many things while you are here, so take advantage of those opportunities. Don’t forget where you came from.”

In regards to studying for finals, “Start early and do it often. Small pieces equals big results.”

This seems to be a common theme for the teachers, as Ms. Cain, one of the many English teachers, gives similar advice.

“Start studying early. Don’t wait until the night before. For me, writing out my notes is really helpful, even if I already have notes taken, I will write them out again, because that makes them stick out in my head better,” Cain said.

So the more you write out the notes, the more you remember them when it is necessary.

So from the choir director to the English department, the alumni at Dowling Catholic are more than willing to give advice and help to the students.

Remember for finals to start studying early, write down important notes again so they stick out better, and break it down into manageable chunks. Life after Dowling may be hard, but remember from where you came.

And for choosing a career for the future, you should remember to keep doing the things you enjoy and what brings you closer to God.

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