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Finals Season

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What makes second semester finals so much more unbearable than first semester finals? Most likely it is the fact that students can see, smell, touch, and hear the senses of summer, but are not able to experience them. As the days get longer and tans get darker, many students become anxious to leave the classrooms and live through a few months of freedom. However, standing between the students of Dowling and these months of liberty is the daunting task of final exams. Many students have their own rituals when it comes this time of year, taking certain precautions such as calculating the lowest score possible one must receive in order to maintain their current grade letter. Whatever habits may arise, it is important not to slack off during the last week of school. Final exams are only as difficult as they are made out to be and can be easily conquered by anyone who sets their mind to it. This year, the schedules for finals are as follows:



Thursday, May 18                      Friday, May 19

Period 1 9:40-11:10                   Period 2 8:00-9:30

Period 5 11:20-12:55                 Period 4 9:40-11:10

Period 7 1:30-3:00                    Period 6 11:20-12:55

                                                      Period 8 1:30-3:00                                          


Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors

Wednesday, May 24                 Thursday, May 25                     Friday, May 26

Period 1 8:00-9:15                    Period 5 9:15-10:30                  Period 7 9:15-10:30

Period 2 9:30-10:45                 Period 6 10:45-12:00                Period 8 10:45-12:00

Period 4 11:00-12:15

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Finals Season