Finals Nightmares

The school year is coming to an end! Grades are looking manageable, and you are cruising towards the summer.

Young Jimmy woke up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise. The spring weather was ideal as he put on his Dowling uniform. As he feasted on his McMuffin that his mom so generously gave to him as a last week of the year treat, Young Jimmy checked his schedule for one of the last times.

He chuckled once he realized that he had not filled out his planner for a week now.  Taking out his phone, Young Jimmy checked the Dowling website’s calendar. He calmly scrolled down until he found it, “Final Exams.”

His heart started racing and he quickly looked to see what day it was talking about. Oh boy! Today is his math final, science final, and foreign language final. Why didn’t he ever fill out his planner?

Frantically, he checked his  backpack for the study guides. None of them were even filled out! What was he going to do?

He jumped in his car to quick drive to school and cram in some studying. As he backed out of the driveway he heard a heart-wrenching crunch. He stomped on the brakes and ran behind his car to find his beloved poodle Trixy flattened against the cement. Breathing deeply, he got back into his car and drove away, after shooting his mom a text asking her to clean up the driveway.

After waiting for ten minutes for a train, Young Jimmy arrived to school seconds before the bell. Sprinting to the science hallway and into the classroom he realized that the schedule was changed. After awkwardly waving at some random kids he had never seen before, he proceeded to math class. As he turned the corner into the math hallway he all of the sudden desperately had to use the restroom. Young Jimmy darted into the boy’s bathroom.

“JIMMY!” His mom screamed, “Wake up, you’re going to pee the bed!”

Young Jimmy sat up in bed desperately needing to go to the bathroom.

“Any plans for your day off?” Mom asked.

What a nightmare.