Summer Must Reads

Alexis Riesberg, Staff Writer

Summer break is almost here, and many are ready to spend time with friends, others are ready to finally be able to enjoy outside, but for me, I am ready to get my read on. I have many books on the shelf that I think everyone can find at least one book one would enjoy. Whether you are a mystery/thriller person to a totally girly love story, there is a book for you.


To start off the shelf there is “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty. This book is a murder mystery book. It is not your normal type of murder mystery book, because it weaves in comedy and thriller as well. If you liked “Girl on the Train,” you will love this book told from several girls perspective, mainly three moms who are entering into the world of taking their kids to kindergarten. During this time we see different views of  parenting, love, and pointing fingers on who is to blame.


Another book you will like if you liked “Girl on the Train” is “Into the Water” by the same author, Paula Hawkins. This is another murder mystery, like her other books, this time taking place with a single mother and teenager found dead in a river, leaving a girl without a mother and her best friend. She is left to take care of her mother’s sister and will have to go back to the place she told herself she would never return.


This is a classic love story where boy meets girl and girl doesn’t know if she should fall in love. Natasha is being deported back to Jamaica when she meets Daniel, a boy who is always a good student and reaches his parents expectations. She forgets everything and only sees him and he only sees her. Where will the future take these two? If you liked “Everything, Everything” then you will love “The Sun is Also a Star” by the same author, Nicola Yoon.


Next is an outstanding book for your family. “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas, is about a girl who lives in a poor neighborhood but goes to a fancy school in a rich neighborhood. While trying to balance the two lives she’s living she witnesses her best friend getting shot and killed by a police officer. His name is soon all over with people calling him a thug and drug dealer. People come rushing to ask her questions since she is the only one alive to tell what really happened that night. This is a racial book talking about a sixteen year old trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.


This new thriller by Stephen King is called “It.” The book is all about It that lurks and takes the shape of every worst nightmare kids have ever had. The kids move away and go on with their life, until one day they are called back to confront It one last time. If you have read Stephen King books before then this one will not disappoint. “I”t has thrill, scares and brings you back to your worst nightmares as well.

Last, but not least, is “Quiet Power:The Secret Strengths of Introverts” by Susan Cain. This book is all empowering to the the people that get pushed around in the hallways, the kids that are quiet in school activities, and the people that are quiet until you break their bubble. This story tells you all about the quiet people that live within. The book is told by real kids with real stories. These kids tackle real struggles about not being loud and out there. This is an empowering book for people who don’t get their words hear.

These books can relax you through your summer days and keeping you on your toes when it rains.