Working without WiFi


Kirby Power, Author

On January 16, students came back from a long Martin Luther King weekend. The internet at school however, did not. Students, teachers, and staff were met with interrupted lesson plans and nostalgia of what it was like before WiFi. Hallways were filled with screams and yells of “I’m going over my data limit!” and “These are the worst days of my life!” Teachers looked down on students and reminded us all how lucky we are and how in their time, they had to actually talk to each other and play outside when they had nothing else to do.


“It was really inconvenient for me and my classes during these two days,” Margaret Tobias (9) said. “Having no internet during my engineering class.”


The reason for the missing wifi was because of a break in the cord. Workers had to thaw the frozen ground in order to reconnect this wire. The DCHS administration and these workers tried for over 48 hours to get the wire–and us–reconnected.


The wifi was finally back up and running for Thursday, January 18th’s B-day schedule. “I think having no WiFi was hard, but also made me realize how phone dependent I am,” Annie Flood (10) said. “As far as school goes, it was inconvenient considering how we use laptops during a lot of my classes.” 


Although our two WiFi-less days were stressful and interrupted, students and staff learned to (and had to) disconnect online but reconnect in class with each other. On Thursday, we all were saved from running over our data plans and now could catch up on our Snapchat streaks and trending Tweets.