How to: ask your guy to Winter Formal?


Allison Moen, Author

Are you stressed? Is finding an idea to ask your guy to Winter Formal on your agenda? Well, same here and hopefully this will help you find an idea and have it be the best one yet.  Based on your personality and his, this will help you decide how to ask and you can even spice it up with your own ideas as well.


If you and your guy like food, we can knock out two birds with one stone.  You can ask your guy to the dance and get a dinner out of it.

Pizza (The Joey Kern):  Order a pizza and either write “WF?” on the box or spell out “WF?” in pepperoni or sausage… depending on your preference.  Another idea for pizza is writing on the box “This might be cheesy but Winter Formal?”

Wings: Just order some wings from your favorite wing place then on the box write, “I have never asked anyone to Winter Formal before, so I’m just going to wing it… Winter Formal?

Nuggets: Go to Mcdonalds or even Wendy’s and order some nice nuggets and then write on the box, “I’d be one lucky nugget if you’d go with me to Winter Formal?”

Pasta: You can either make some pasta or go the lazy way and get it from your favorite italian place but all you got to do after that is get a sign and write “What’s the Pastability you’d go to Winter Formal with me?”

Donuts: Get a dozen Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme donuts and write on the box “I donut want to go with anyone else… Winter Formal?”

Are you artist and want to show your man that you are a keeper? Creative signs and posters are an option and it is an easy way to have fun and express your creativity.

Sweet sign: After going to the store and picking up some of his favorite candy and a plain poster board. Then make a sweet poster that is asking to go to Winter Formal that incorporates the candy brand names in it.  

Legos: Grab some legos and get lego landscape board and with some legos spell out “Lego to Winter Formal”

The Great Gatsby: Glitter, gets tons and tons of glitter and a poster and write “I’ll be your Daisy, will you be my Gatsby at Winter Formal?”

Hot Wheels: Write on a poster board “Hey Hottie I’d wheely like to take you to Winter Formal.” Draw some cars on the poster or you can even tape actual hot wheel cars on the board, whatever your heart desires.

Melon: First buy some sour patch watermelon, because those are the best ones than write on a poster “Your one in a melon, I’d love to go to Winter Formal with a cutie like you.”

Does your guy play sports or think he is the next NBA star? Asking him to Winter Formal with things he loves might help you make him even more up to go.

Basketball: Buy a basketball or take one out of your dad’s collection in the garage and write “WF?” on it then throw it at him.  Or if you want to be more romantic, invite him to the gym and then take the ball out of your bag, take a shot then he will see after he rebounds it.

Soccer: Create a colorful sign that says “It’s my goal to have fun with you so…”  then you would pick up a soccer ball and write on it “Let’s kick it at WF”

Baseball: Cut out a base then on the base write, “Can I steal you for Winter Formal?”

Football: Grab a football and write on it, or bedazzled it saying “Wanna tackle Winter Formal together?”

Fishing: Get a tackle box, fill it up with some gummy worms, sour or original, whatever you prefer and on the outside of the tackle box “ Will you tackle Winter Formal with me?”

Track: After getting the poster board, write on it “You are a-track-tive… Wanna run to Winter Formal with me?

Is silly more your style and you want to make your date laugh, then here are some perfect ways to ask your date, leaving him laughing on the floor.

Solo Cups: This can be asked anywhere but basically, you set up solo cups anywhere and then you write a poster that says, “Don’t let me go solo…. Winter Formal?”

Meme: Get a board and either draw or print out your favorite meme and have it say “It would Meme so much if you went to Winter Formal with meme.”

Bummed out: First dress up like a bum hobo and then on a poster write his name, then ask “I’d be bummed if you didn’t go to Winter Formal with me.”

America: Get a poster board and on it draw a picture of the american flag and print off a picture of Uncle Sam pointing at you then write “I want you as a Winter Formal date.”

God: Dress up as God and have a poster that says “Winter Formal 20:18 and then God said…” “Go with (your name)”

The Office: On a poster board write “FACTS: Nothing beets going to Winter Formal with you.”  Give your man a couple beets as well because why not.