Students from all over the country attend DCHS

Mallory Wilson, Writer

Students from all over the country travel to attend Dowling Catholic High School. Every day as students rush from class to class, they pass a new face in the hall. Most are unaware of how other students got to DCHS.

From Houston, Texas, Tommy Mullen, Sophomore student at DCHS, has been attending here since the fall of 2017. Mullen found himself moving to Des Moines with the opportunity to play for the Iowa Wild Hockey Team. While his family lives in Texas, another DCHS family has been hosting him and one of his teammates.  

“It was hard to move up here without my family, but I go back to visit during the holidays, and sometimes my family comes to visit here,” Mullen said.

Mullen has attended a Catholic school his whole life. The last school he came from was an all-boys school.

“Coed is more fun, you get to interact with other people, and you have a better opportunity to make more friends,” Mullen explained.

His school was 6th in the nation, and to attend you had to be accepted by taking a placement test.

“Dowling is a lot easier when it comes to uniforms, at my old school we had to wear dress shoes with shirts tucked in,” Mullen explained.

As hockey season comes to a close at the end of February, Mullen is undecided on returning to DCHS next fall. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch him in the halls, or even on the ice.