The Best of Both Worlds

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The Best of Both Worlds

Ashleigh White, Writer

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Beyond the walls of Dowling each student has their own life. For some students their two lives inside and outside of school are very different.


Stephanie Hill, a junior at Dowling, lives a completely different life outside of Dowling. Hill commutes 45 minutes to and from school every day from her hometown outside of Des Moines.


“I’m glad I live in Perry because I live in the country and it has a lot of privacy and in Des Moines I don’t think I would get that privacy and quietness.” Hill said.


Hill lives in Perry a town mostly surrounded by large farmland. Hill’s family decided to send Stephanie and her older sister Elise to Dowling in order to further their education.


“I don’t regret my decision to go to Dowling! Honestly [I’m] so glad I get to receive Dowling’s education and [I] have made so many new friends that I wouldn’t get to have in Perry.” Hill said.


Including the hour and a half commute to get to school and back, Hill also makes the trip to see her Dowling friends. The decision to go to Dowling has separated her from her own peers in Perry.


“[At] Dowling, I feel more included and more like I can be myself with my friends. [In] Perry, I feel okay but I just don’t fit in since I don’t go to Perry.” Hill said.


Even though her life outside of Dowling is very different Hill still loves her hometown. Perry has given her a chance to live the best of both lifestyles.


“I love all of the clubs and sports that are offered at Dowling, there are so many new things to try, but Perry gives me a quieter life and I lo