Tell me about your Tat

Allison Moen, Author

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Seniors in high schoolers are at that point in their life were they are starting to really know who they are and what they want to do with their life.  This means adult decisions start appearing to them like for example, what they want to do with their life and even what kind of tattoo they want or if they even want one.

 For some seniors in the class of 2018, a tattoo and for some, multiple tattoos were something they wanted to do to express themselves in a more permanent way.

Senior, Sam Ingoli, has two tattoos, one located on his shoulder that goes all the way down his arm and the other one is on the inside of his bicep.  The tattoo on Sam’s shoulder is in honor of his Grandpa and his dear friend who have both passed away. There are two doves, both to represent the two people in his life that he has lost.  Above the doves is two hands praying with a rosary and for him this is how he wanted to remember them. The other tattoo he has says “Hercules” and this is because that is the nickname his Grandma gave to him. Sam recently got a new tattoo on the same arm and it is the bible verse that his mom always said to him.  It is “John 4:4, Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”


Senior, Andrea Parenza, recently got a tattoo to remember a loved on and is located on her rib under her armpit on the left side.  She got her Grandmother’s Initials, JDP, in that location because it is next to her heart and she was very close with her grandma. Andrea said she did this to remember her and to always get her close to her heart.


Senior, Olivia Mauro, had also gotten a tattoo when her Grandpa had passed away from a hard battle of Lymphoma cancer almost 10 years ago.  While her Grandpa was still alive, he lived by the motto, “Hakuna Matata; No worries” from the movie Lion King.  A bunch of Olivia’s cousins and her older sister got a tattoo on their ankles to remember their beloved Grandpa.  Mauro said “It was good for her and her family to get something so permanent to remember him because he was such a ray of sunshine that we miss so much.”

Senior, Rachelle Crivaro, decided once she turned 18 that she would then get her tattoo that both her other sisters got when they turned 18.  All three sisters now have three birds, Rachelle’s are on her wrist, and a different bird is filled in for each sister.


Both seniors, Allison Moen and Abby Ingamells both back in December got a tattoo in honor of losing someone close to them, Trevor Schwager.  Allison’s tattoo is on her side and it says “Trevor Schwager” in the form of a cross and has the date Dec. 4. She got this because Trevor was a best friend for Allison and she got this for him and the great memories that they made together.  Abby’s tattoo is on her wrist and it is the date 12-4-17 and she got this because they had been family friends since they were little. Abby got this tattoo in memory of her childhood friend and wants something to always remind her of him.



Senior, Zach Ross, has two tattoos on his arm.  His first one he got was after he tore his ACL and it’s a cross with clouds around it and inside the cloud says “Exodus 15:2” and that means lord is my strength.  He said that is what he needed once he was out of football and was out for his whole senior year. The other tattoo he got has 2 doves with clouds around it and says “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dreams” Zach got this because he really believes in this verse and that is what he lives by.