How DCHS girls track start their season

Mallory Wilson , Writer

The springtime becomes a busy time of the year for the Dowling Catholic High School girls track team. With practice daily and meets weekly, team members begin to set their goals high to start off the season right. Every year the team changes, freshman join for the first time, other runners return while others don’t. For the past couple years, the track season has started off with the track retreat. All the girl’s track team members join together with hands-on activities working on being a good teammate. The retreat for 2018 took place in February, it was a good start to the season as it included speakers that got the girls motivated for the season. The girls were asked to write down their goals for the upcoming season.

Coach Larry Weir, the head coach of the girl’s track team explained the importance of goals for the track season, “Individual goals are important, but beyond that, team goals are just as important. As a coach, our goals stay about the same each year; win conference, districts, and finish top five at state. If you would have asked me 15 years ago they would have been the same, until now at this point, we are working towards getting top three at state, to receive a medal or trophy.” Even if the athletes didn’t set their goals then, they began to think of them, which is the first step. The coaches stay in contact with the athletes throughout the season and discuss with them about their goals.

Juru Okwaramoi, Junior at DCHS, has been running track since fifth grade at St. Teresa’s Catholic School. She is now a part of the DCHS track team as a sprinter and hurdler. Okwaramoi went to state for the shuttle hurdle relay her freshman year, then returned to state her sophomore year for the shuttle hurdle relay, 4×200 relay, and 4×1 relay, and the open 200-meter dash; where she placed 10th overall.

Okwaramoi is a leader on the track team that a lot of girls look up to. Her goals for this season include being a good leader for her teammates, regardless if their junior varsity, or varsity, winning a state championship overall or in an event, particularly the Shuttle Hurdle Relay, running a 24.4 second 200 meter dash; breaking the school record, and also breaking the school record in the shuttle hurdle relay as well. Okwaramoi explains her most important goal for this season, “My biggest goal is to be able to help everyone on the team be the best version of themselves whether they need someone to confide in or need some motivation on the track, we’re all human and we need the light of Christ in our lives one way or another. I strive to be the light of Christ to everyone around me.”Setting your goals is easier said than done, as it takes a lot of hard work before they can be accomplished. Not every day will be perfect weather, so the girls need to be able to practice on the cold, and rainy days as well. As Okwaramoi says it best, “There are cold days, hot days, snowy days and rainy days but no off days.”

With a positive mindset and the right people help you along the way, the goals they set become closer then they think. Coaches are always there pushing their athletes, for Okwaramoi spoke about her motivators, “My teammates push me to keep going through a tough workout and their hard work helps me keep working hard as well. My hurdle coach, Coach Sara has one of the greatest outlooks on life that I have ever seen in my life. She is always so optimistic about everything and always trusts in God. She helps me be a better athlete and a better Catholic as well.”

Being a part of a Catholic school, the girls track team work together in putting God first. Okwaramoi said, “I’ve got to keep God as my right-hand man and best friend because at the end of the day he is the only one that can truly help me achieve any of my goals this season or in life. He has an epic plan or me and everyone else in the world it just takes time and I am willing to be patient.”