UT Fidem Colorado Pilgrimage

Megan Fritz , Author

Hey seniors! Are you looking for one last way to live out your faith before you go off to college? Well, look no further! Ms. Addie Magruder has helped put together a pilgrimage where you can grow in discipleship and relationship with Christ. A Pilgrimage is an experience of its own. It is not a vacation, which has the goal of relaxation, and it is not a mission trip; which is aimed to serve others. A Pilgrimage is an opportunity for people to grow in their faith and love for God. They set out on a journey, away from their normal environment, to encounter Christ’s love.


This trip will take place July 24-28 2018 and will cost $750 per pilgrim (including transportation, lodging, entrance fees, and most food). It will be based in Golden, CO, which is just outside of Boulder. The travelers will be staying at the Mother Cabrini Shrine, which lies in the beautiful foothills of the mountains. Magruder has a list of some of the activities the Pilgrims will be experiencing and participating in, but she is also still working on growing that list.


Right now the agenda consists of: visiting the World Youth Day site, JP2 Relics, serving Christ in the City: knowing, loving and serving the poor of Denver. Additionally, pilgrims will be attending daily mass, praying the rosary in the rosary garden, and praying at the Lourdes Grotto. Pilgrims will also have small groups, listen to nationally known speakers talk about their faith, zipline the longest and fastest line in Colorado, and Hike the Devils Head.