How to: have the BEST summer ever

Allison Moen, Author

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10 Places you have to go to this summer

Place- Ledges State Park

Location- Madrid, Iowa

Travel time- 1 hour drive

Activities to do- Camping is available for either campers or even tents, hiking along the edges of the hills and site seeing in the beautiful wilderness.


Place- The Villisca Axe Murder House

Location- Villisca, Iowa

Travel time- 1 hour and 45 minute drive

Activities to do- Go on a haunted tour where a whole family, along with friends were murdered and their spirits still haunt the house, even take a chance and spend the night in the haunted house.


Place- Adventureland

Location- Altoona, Iowa

Travel time- 30 minute drive

Activities to do- Spend one busy day or two laid back days and ride the rides that they have to offer, and even go to the Water park and get wet when it’s too hot during the summer days. 


Place- Maquoketa Caves State Park

Location- Maquoketa, Iowa

Travel time- 3 hour drive

Activities to do- Go site seeing and see the beautiful caves that Iowa has to offer. Along with hiking, fishing and camping, this amazing spot has much to offer.


Place- Lover’s Leap Swinging bridge

Location- Columbus Junction, Iowa

Travel time- 2 hour drive

Activities to do- Walk across the bridge and adventure around lovers leap bridge in the beautiful Iowa woods. 


Place- Newton Drive Inn movie

Location- Newton, Iowa

Travel time- 30 minute drive

Activities to do- See two movies for the price of one in the comfort of your own car with tons of friends.  Bring your own food and candy for the movie too. 


Place- Iowa State Fair

Location- East Des Moines, Iowa

Travel time- 20 minute drive

Activities to do- The best food in the world served in these 10 days, along with great concerts and many other things to do to keep you busy. 


Place- The Big Country Bash

Location- St. Charles, Iowa

Travel time- 30 minutes

Activities to do- Multiple country concerts in 2 days.  It is the Lollapalooza of the country concerts. 


Place- Grotto of the Redemption

Location- Ames, Iowa

Travel time- 45 minute drive

Activities to do- Site see the beautiful buildings that were built on the land and take amazing pictures. 


Place- Independence State Mental Hospital

Location- Independence, Iowa

Travel time-  2 hour drive

Activities to do- Go through a abandoned and haunted mental hospital that was used in the 1800s.