Spring finals week is here!

Mallory Wilson, Author

As the school year comes to an end, the students of Dowling Catholic begin to study hard for finals week. Even though summer is only a week away, students have to give their all for the upcoming tests. To making hundreds of notecards, staying up late and to cramming everything in the night before, how will you prepare for finals?  

Preparing for finals may differ between students. Some start preparing two weeks before, one week before, and some just a couple of days before their finals. Maddy Janeczko, a sophomore student at DCHS shares her strategy on preparing for finals, “I am preparing for finals by studying a lot. To prepare, I start to organize my belongings two weeks ahead of time so I don’t feel overwhelmed finals week. I write down which class I am studying for on each day and how much I will study for that class.” Janeczko found reviewing with classmates and the teacher is helpful as well.

Jessica Vedane, a sophomore at DCHS explains how she will prepare for the upcoming tests, “I usually study for finals by making notecards. I find it a great way to study because instead of just looking at a sheet of notes, I am actively writing them down and quizzing myself as I go.” Vedane also realized getting plenty of sleep is important as well. “Getting plenty of sleep really helps during finals week and the week before. Another thing would be to relax. You already have enough on your plate in high school, so don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright! Just know that after spring finals, you have a full summer which is roughly three months of break. One last thing to remember on finals day is “When in doubt, choose C,” Works every time,” Vedane stated. Preparing early may give you more time to study every subject without losing too much sleep.

Janeczko shared a few tips on studying for finals, “Some tips that I have found helpful is that do not wait until the last minute to start studying. No one wants to be more stressed than they probably already are about finals. Another tip is that don’t procrastinate. The more you blow off studying, the more you will have to worry about the week of finals.”

Finals week is stressful for all. Trying to pass the class, keeping that GPA or getting a  higher grade, whatever it may be it’s never easy. “The most stressful thing about finals is not the actual test but the few days before worrying about what the test is going to look like and how you’re going to do,” Vedane shares.

“Something positive about finals is that summer is almost here. All the work that you have put in all year has paid off. After finals, you can relax and not worry about school anymore. It will all be over in just about a week, so remember that,” Janeczko explains the best part about finals. Vedane states her positive thoughts on finals, “Once you finish your last final, you’ve completed yet another year of school. Summer is here!” Even though this is one of the most stressful weeks of the school year, you can always find the positive.