Ethan Beacom is Des Moines’ Hottest New Producer

The Dowling senior is about to blow up


Des Moines' Hottest

Ethan Beacom is a popular guy. You’ve probably heard his name in connection to his co-captaincy on Dowling’s Ultimate Frisbee team, his involvement in Ping Pong club, or his various other activities at Dowling. What you may not know is that he’s an aspiring producer — and he’s about to erupt onto Des Moines’ music scene.

Beacom’s introduction to the world of production came through his older brother, who showed him how to make beats when he was twelve. He took a few years off once he entered high school, but got back into the game his sophomore year, “this time with some professional software and equipment,” he said.


Since then he’s refined his artistic focus toward making trap music, a style defined by heavy drums and melodic synthesizers. He cites Discovery, an Electronic tape by Daft Punk, as his primary inspiration for making music. He also draws from other genres. “I also took 14 years of piano lessons,” said Beacom, “so I’ve always been inspired by Classical and Jazz composers like Claude Debussy and Vince Guaraldi.”

For Beacom, music isn’t merely a hobby or side hustle, but an important part of life. “I’m at this point where I’m so tied to music that it dictates my mood. Like if I’m in a dry spell where I can’t write any new music, I’ll feel down for weeks,” he said. “But finding that catchy melody or chord progression, or designing that perfect sound, is one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced.”

Fellow students are recognizing his talents. “Ethan Beacom slaps,” said Gianni Stanco, a DCHS Junior. “He goes hard and doesn’t stop.” Cole Wilken, whose brother is a producer, says Beacom “is what Jesus would listen to.”

Beacom hopes to make 2019 his most productive year yet. Foremost on his mind is dropping more music, which has been a struggle while he juggles school, future, and family. “Finding time to work on music has been so hard. I’ve got a lot of family stuff going on all the time, I have to focus on my college and scholarship search … It’s really frustrating.”

At the same time, he wants to grow his own confidence in his music. “I also get really scared to put stuff out because I lot of the music I make is really underground stuff, and a lot of people don’t like the style. My goal for 2019 is to be confident enough to just make the music I wanna make.”

Finding that catchy melody or chord progression, or designing that perfect sound, is one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced.

He has big plans, including a possible set at Dowling Palooza this spring. “Palooza is a really cool event,” said Beacom. “Colin [LaBrie] and I have been working on some really cool stuff that we can hopefully premiere at Palooza, he’s crazy talented and we have good chemistry and I know people will love it.”

Until then, he plans to keep improving and enjoying the process. “I think that creating music gives a person a certain unique understanding about the world around them,” Beacom said. “It’s definitely the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.”