Inside the life of a student athlete


Davis Kennedy, Staff writer

Drew Johns: a junior at Dowling Catholic who plays on both the football, track, and the soccer teams. Not much is more important to students than sports, so being a student athlete requires dedication and heart. He is a sprinter on the track teams,and plays striker on the soccer team.

“I just really like the feeling of kicking the ball,” Drew said.

This makes sense as to why he plays punter for the varsity football team in addition to soccer.

“I think the most important part of playing sports was training and staying in shape every chance I get,” Johns said.

“In between ‘Fortnite’ games, I usually do some situps and pushups, especially if I lose,” Johns said.

Many of these sports do result in a lot of pressure for the kids playing in them, especially for our football team which has a history of success.

“I feel the pressure leading up to the game, but when I get out there it fades away,” Drew said.

The games usually having hundreds of fans in attendance cheering and rooting on the players.

Some say the position of punter isn’t a “real player” on the football team. Johns however disagreed with this and he said,

“Punters are people, too, man,”Johns said.

Despite being one of the lesser used players on the field Drew has put in the work and the hours necessary to earn a spot on the roster.