Journeying through Fiat 90 and Exodus 90

Kayla Hartman, Staff Writer

Some Dowling students are taking a large step in their faith by taking on Fiat 90 or Exodus 90. This opportunity was offered to Dowling students through their Ut Fidem groups. Fiat 90 and Exodus 90 are both 90 day programs, the girls will be taking on Fiat 90 and the boys will be taking on Exodus 90.

“It is a 90 day fasting and prayer opportunity with different challenges and commits that are supposed to make you more faithful,” said Hanna Schaeffeler, who is participating in Fiat 90.

Both programs have similar guidelines but their differences are aimed at the group that is talking on the challenge. Some of the similarities include devoting 20 minutes a day to silent prayer, fasting from hot showers, no social media and fasting from sweets.

“We did five challenges, cold showers, fasting, exercise every day, no social media and no Netflix and limited tv,” Ben Freking said.

Many people took on the challenge in order to grow in their relationship with God.

“I decided to do it because my relationship with God was at a standstill and I wanted to grow closer to Him,” Ellen Strittmatter said.

“I have been having a rough time with my faith and I was like this is going to be a good way for me to push myself and just dive head first into trying to have a better relationship,” Schaeffeler said.

Others are taking in the challenge with their Ut Fidem groups.

“It was something my Ut Fidem group decided to do and I thought it was a good way to help me grow in my faith,” Drew Brase said.

“I decided to do Exodus 90 mostly because my Ut Fidem group was doing it. As a group we decided to do it because it is a good challenge to grow in discipline and it is kinda like a Lenten thing,” Freking said.

These 90 days will not be easy for those taking on the challenge, but it will be worth it in the end.

“I’m scared for no leggings and waking up right when your alarm goes off,” Strittmatter said.

“Food! I snack a lot, not eating food is hard for me,” Noah Smith said.

“Definitely, the showers, like this morning I was tired, got up to go to the shower and it was hot and I remembered that I have to turn it cold and that was really hard. I will be in the shower and can’t breathe, just shivering, it sucks,” Freking said.

Even through the difficulties that they will be faced with they know that it will be worth it in the end.

“I might enjoy some it once it is over though, just to look back on it,” Freking said.

Most have found parts of the fast that they enjoy.

“It’s nice to not have social media because you can just focus on the people around you,” Strittmatter said.

“[I enjoy] going through it with all of my friends and being held accountable,” Brase said.

“I enjoy all of the free time I have because I gave up all social media, so I just have time to read and do a bunch of other more productive things,” Smith said. 

They are just beginning this long journey. Check back in early May to see how they feel after they have completed their journey.