New on Netflix: Paddleton

The perfect rainy day cry

Lucy Kramer, Staff Writer

A new Netflix Original movie is out, and making audiences everywhere laugh and cry. “Paddleton”, a fiction starring Ray Romano and Mark Duplass, is truly one of the most heartbreaking stories of the year so far.


The plot of the movie is fairly simple. It’s about two guys that are best friends and neighbors that hang out everyday. They play a different version of racquetball, watch the same movies over again, and talk about anything and everything. Their lives are turned upside down when one day Michael (Mark Duplass) is diagnosed with a form of incurable cancer.


With their friendship only growing stronger through this event, the two continue their normal routines. Then, Michael (Duplass) decides that he wants to end his life before the cancer can, but not immediately. You learn all of this within the first ten minutes of the movie, and the rest is about the journey that these two guys take together.


“Paddleton” is a very depressing story. Now that you’ve heard the basic premise of the film, you can probably imagine how this would be sad. But if you are in the mood for some crying, maybe on a rainy spring day or late night with ice cream, this is still a great movie. There is great acting, script writing, and the outfits are golden. With a story that can’t be beaten, “Paddleton” is something that is essential for watching.