90’s Fashion is Back in!

Natalia Scales

Best 90’s Fashion Trends That Are Back In 2019

Let’s face it, In the 90’s we did not have a sense of style. Our clothes were always our mom’s choice, and we would wear whatever she felt was cool and cute. It was all good, except looking back they were not “cool and cute” according to me. But, when you look at your throwback pictures and skim through the latest fashion magazines or books, you start to see a resemblance. It was not that bad after all.

Some fashion trends are so relatable that you can pick it up from where you left. Yes, so the 90s fashion trends are slowly making a comeback. If you have not heard yet, it is the next big thing. Here are a few outfits that made a big comeback from the 90’s.

The mom jeans started to wear out in the middle of the 90’s, and pretty soon they became extinct in the fashion world. And, that’s why we have to explain what this is about now. Yes,  they were just a pair of airy, comfortable, cotton denim pants that sat nicely at the waist and were out near the thighs. There are a lot of variations, but this breathable pair of jeans is something we all need, and it’s time they were brought back, at least as an option to some of us.

The crop top is one of those trends that found its way from where it started and this time it’s gotten better. Wear them with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, joggers, and everything you can think of pairing them with.

This trend started with Kendall, Kylie and Gigi showing off these chokers on Instagram. It’s like you refresh your feed, and the trend was back in style. That’s how quick the turnaround time was. You can practically pair your chokers with anything and any outfit.

Lastly from frayed jeans to flannel shirts they are all coming back in full circle. You can wear these shirts either as a layer over a tank or just as a regular shirt, or maybe just tie it around the waist. Yes, tying it around the waist, is back in too!

Those are only a few of the many styles that came back from the 90’s. All of the styles are really cute and make great outfits to wear wherever you are going. Next time you are looking in your closet for something to wear pull out these styles and bring it back!