College Visits

Advice From Dowling Students

Frannie Brown, Writer

Being an upperclassman at Dowling means college is right around the corner. Juniors and seniors have been visiting colleges and detecting the pros and cons to prepare themselves to make a decision.


At this point in the school year most juniors are taking the ACT, writing resumes, and researching colleges to visit. At Dowling, conference break is the perfect opportunity for a visit to prospective college.Junior Lilly Sullivan visited two east coast colleges. Now that we’re back from break, she is one step closer to making a decision on a college.


“For William and Mary I was really interested in the area that it was in and looking at schools in Virginia” Sullivan said.


When researching colleges, it’s important to consider all aspects of the school. Sullivan is interested in a medium sized school that will provide opportunity and study abroad programs. She also took into account the vibe of the town that surrounds William and Mary along with the academic aspects of a school. She shared that the students seemed relaxed and involved.


“I just knew that it was a really huge center for resources. It was a really good academically rigorous school,” said Sullivan.


Sullivan explained that she often tries to picture herself living on campus, hanging out with friends and exploring the surrounding town when visiting colleges. In doing this, Sullivan realized Johns Hopkins isn’t the college for her. She felt that the students seemed solely focused on academics and the campus had a bad vibe. That being said, Sullivan is still glad she visited the school.


“I was very happy that I visited it because now I know that I’d like to focus on certain schools more than other schools.”