One Common Goal

Cancellation of spring sports leads athletes to find new ways to practice


Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

The cancellation of spring sports has led many athletes to find other ways to maintain their fitness levels during the off season. For some, staying in-shape during quarantine meant Chloe Ting workouts, but others took it to a new level. 


Flynn Milligain (10) was bummed about the cancelling of his first track season. Coming of an injury during cross country season he was excited about getting the opportunity to prove himself to his teammates and coaches. Learning that his season was cancelled he upped his training in order to prepare for next year. 


¨I worked out six days a week with the team this summer and ran every day on my own before that,” Milligan said. 


Along with the boys track team, the girls tennis team stayed in shape. Allison Szalay (11) turned to her club team with many other team girls. She trained fifteen hours a week and competed in many tournaments, taking home multiple wins for her team. Szalay is beyond excited about the 2021 season. 


“Hopefully we can take it to state again,” Szalay said. 


The girls soccer team stopped practice and has yet to resume. Petra Knupp (11) on the soccer team has been running every day in order to prepare for the next season, which she is very excited about. 


¨The 2021 season is going to be really fun and very anticipated as everyone is looking forward to playing again,” Knupp said. 


All teams worked hard all spring and summer and kept motivated by one coming goal.


¨working for a championship keeps us motivated,” Milligan said.