The Effects of COVID-19 on Student’s Mental Health

Sofia Manzano, Staff Writer

With the sudden emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic, chaos and uncertainty has erupted, adding new pressure to a highschool student’s already tumultuous world.


The virus has unfortunately taken a toll on student’s mental health. The challenge of not being able to see friends had made it difficult to stay connected. 


“One of the biggest struggles I faced during quarantine was losing my consistent access to friends,” said Maddy Bergman (12). “I couldn’t help but feel isolated at home.”


Students tried their best to adjust to the altered educational environment but the shift to online learning proved to have its own challenges. 


“I had trouble finding the motivation to do my work every day without a structured schedule,” said Rachel Heaston (12). “Without the in-person help of my teachers, I lacked the ability to stay focused.”


Having adequate support systems proved to be very essential during this period of time. Many students relied on their friends and family for emotional and mental support. 


“Even just a quick Facetime call with my loved ones greatly improved my mental health,” Heaston said. “It made me feel secure and cared for knowing I wasn’t alone.”


Dowling Catholic High School has taken necessary measures to ensure that their students feel supported during these difficult times. 


The counselors and I are meeting with students in-person when possible to address their mental health concerns,” said professional school counselor, Taylor Schulte. “Dowling also has partnered with Catholic Charities to connect students and families with a licensed therapist, Carol Mensink.”


While the future still remains unclear, one thing is certain: students are not alone and they can always reach out to a trusted adult or counselor.