Fall Sports, but Make it COVID-19 Edition

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

The fall time at Dowling Catholic is usually jam packed with sports and events, but not this year. With COVID-19 as a factor, all Dowling sports have had to change the way their season will play out. 


Many coaches have instated screenings through online surveyor, Varsity Bound, which asks the athletes and coaches about their symptoms and requires a temperature check before anyone comes to practice.


“Each coach and player is required to take the screening before coming to practice everyday,” said Assistant Football Coach Jarek Sefrit.


Along with the challenge of COVID-19 itself, many teams are worried that their seasons might be cut short. Many athletes have been encouraged to go fully online as a hope to help reduce exposure. For the athletes continuing with in-person school, coaches have been encouraging their athletes to stay safe.


“Our coaches do encourage us to social distance, stay covered up with our masks, hang out at home, and keep it lowkey, especially during meet season,” Stella Logsdon (12) said.

The girls cross country team runs in small groups to keep exposure to a minimum.

An obvious change at all sports practices are masks. The new fall fashion trend of masks (see Stella Logsdon’s story for more fall mask fashion) are not only required at school, but also practice for the athletes. Each team has taken different steps on how they require masks. 


“Right after the girls get out of the pool they immediately put on their masks as they walk around the pool deck and change,” Meghan McDonald (12) said.


The football team on the other hand is required to wear a mask all of practice except for water breaks. Each player has a gaiter to wear over their face and a plastic shield to go over their helmet to limit exposure. The boys equipment is also all sanitized after practice.


“All equipment is laid out after each practice and disinfected.  Any part of the boys’ uniforms that aren’t cloth are left in the locker rooms and are sprayed and disinfected as well,” Sefrit said.


Continuing with these precautions, many of these teams will be able to finish their season strong, but all coaches are prepared to end the season early.


“We do have the fear that our season will get cut short, but we know for the safety of all it might have to be done,” McDonald said.