The Way You Tok!

What is really on everyone’s “For You” page.


Paige Hobbs

An image of what you’d see when switching onto a new TikTok.

Paige Hobbs, Staff Writer

TikTok has managed to captivate our entire nation, but it didn’t achieve all of us the same way. The algorithm TikTok has in place allows them to truly create a “For You” page. 


“My TikTok never switches and I’m on fitness TikTok. I do not like being on it at all,” Carrie Hodgson (12) said. 


TikTok is a platform where anyone can make any type of videos they please. There is always something there for someone, and if you change your mind you can find ways to switch your preference. 


“I switch what TikTok I’m on like every week. Right now I’m on Christmas TikTok and I’m so in love with it,” Lizzie Johnson (12) said. 


TikTok’s algorithm is very advanced. Based on what videos your friends send you can put you onto a whole new TikTok. 


“Mine switches all the time, but whenever my sister sends me videos from Dance TikTok that’s all I see for a while,” Anna Godferdsen, a freshman at William Jewell University, said. 


Some may say that TikTok’s success comes from the fact that certain trends are so similar to a previously popular app, Vine. 


“I’m on Vine TikTok sometimes where it’s just like funny stuff. I like them, but it can get weird sometimes,” Godfredsen said. 


This app is headed full steam upward on the mountain of success with no signs of stopping.