Fighting Senioritis While Fighting a Pandemic


Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

Most college bound seniors know where they are going to be heading next fall. This might take off the pressure and their drive to get good grades for their senior year, especially with changes and struggles this school year due to the pandemic. 


Studying has been a hard task to be able to maintain especially while being at home and having many distractions with online school. Senior Jerry Patterson might be able to help other seniors dealing with the same challenges. 


“Some of my good study habits are to make quizlets and go over the material that you learn in class from that day after school,” Patterson said.


Having senioritis along with a pandemic can be hard. This causes stress with seniors with questions like, will I have enough credit for college, will my lack of focus hurt me in the future?

Senior, Meghan McDonald, calling into class from at home in bed.


“Focusing is another challenge. At home I’m pretty much free to do whatever since the teacher can’t see me, but you do have to stay disciplined and focus to absorb all the material,” Anna Flynn said.


In the past, it was easy to rely on classmates for help when missing notes or forgetting to pay attention. This year might look a little different. 


“I definitely get nervous that when I’m unmotivated I’m missing important details and discussions in class,” Flynn said.


Senioritis might get the best of seniors especially this school year. Although it’s easy to be unmotivated while doing schoolwork, seniors are still determined to make the most of their last year at Dowling Catholic High School.


“Try to remember that we only get one more year so we need to make everything count,” Olivia Bailey said.


With senioritis being intensified with online learning and COVID-19 this school year, seniors are now challenged with how they can make the best of their senior year.



“I am motivated to make our senior year the best it can be, we need to all finish off strong,” Cael Stark said.