TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

Over these past couple of months a new app has taken over all social media. This app is called TikTok. This app has not only made peoples screen time go up 2 hours but also has given certain people their futures and made them popular on social media. A few examples are Charli D’amelio, Chase Hudson, and Addison Rae.                                  


Charli D’Amelio is known as the most popular creator on the app TikTok. She has 84.4 million followers on the app currently but this number rises everyday. She started off just by making dances for the fun of it. The more popular she got the more of an influencer she turned into. She now promotes for different stores and helps spread awareness on the different things going on in the world. 


“I really enjoy watching Charli’s dances that she posts and how she inspires many of her viewers,” Kendal Hemry (12) said.  


TikTok is an app made for all so when scrolling through you will see adults, kids, and even babies from all over the world! There are different things some creators use the app for. The categories vary from comedy, dancing, singing, tricks, and many other things. It’s one way people can step out of their comfort zone and show their talents through social media. 


“I love scrolling through and seeing all the different things pop up on my page one video will go from being funny and the next to being more relaxed which makes the app entertaining,” Gracee Dowell (12) said. 


On TikTok you will find a lot of creators with a more minimal platform. These creators often post videos just for the fun of it and don’t really put a ton of time or work into the videos they create. A lot of people find these creators their favorite and love watching their videos. 


“My favorite tiktoker is definitely Tooturntony, because of his ducks he shows in every video which always makes me laugh. I also think his videos are very unique and entertaining,” Ella Mcvey (12) said. 


Popular creators usually have a schedule for when they post videos and try to post once a day for their audience. Many are eager to become TikTok famous just like many creators have. The boost of popularity TikTok gave many of these stars now gives them a chance to branch out and start their own things like youtube accounts, makeup and clothing lines, and so much more! It will be exciting to see where these TikTok stars take their career in the future ahead of them and they owe it all to TikTok for their start.