Covid-19 and how it Affects Standarized and AP and Standarized Testing

Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer


In the wake of online schooling, standardized tests for Juniors and Seniors still remain very tentative and mysterious and should not expect to sign up for them overnight, especially with some states currently going 100% online. 

¨There are conversations that standardized testing will be this Spring, but Juniors and Seniors at Dowling should not expect to take them in the Fall,¨ Mrs. Erin Gabriel, College and Career Coordinator, said.

For college admissions, 1,400 of the colleges are going test-optional as of this year and are being very flexible and lenient for those who wish not to take standardized tests or want to take the ACT or SAT. Even the Ivy Leagues and Notre Dame are reportedly going test-optional for this year’s admission cycle. However, AP tests are fortunately eyeing an in-person testing in May of 2021, and students are encouraged to sign up for them.

¨For high schoolers, over 1,400 colleges and universities around the country have decided to go test-optional, test-flexible, and non-test binding, this is certain for the class of 2021, and students of 2022 should expect the same procedure, although this is tentative, but students should expect to take AP tests scheduled in May 2021,” Gabriel said.

The main concern with having in-person testing is not necessarily the contact with touching the paper, but is centered around maintaining social-distance protocols to ensure safety. With many kids roaming in the room, the virus is lurking about, trying to infect its next victim, and these in-person standardized testing sites would be the perfect place to start.

¨The paper is not necessarily the issue, but when you have 24-38 kids in one room, it is not safe for social distancing, especially with some states even going 100% online,¨ Mrs. Gabriel said.

For those concerned with whether or not to take the tests, just remember that every student is different. If a student gets a 28 but maybe wants a 30, they can retake it!

¨remember, every student is different. Every student has their own perspective on whether or not they are suited for standardized testing amid the emergence of online schooling, and like I said, many students, counties, and states are choosing to go 100% online,”Mrs. Gabriel said.

Students applying to colleges should not worry too much about their current situation, so just remember, nothing is final! And please, wear a mask if you want to make standardized testing possible.