College Visits During a Pandemic

Jake Olson, Staff Writer

When people think of junior and senior year they think of the last couple of years of their high school career. But a lot of people see these years as opportunities to get to the next level academically. These are the years people take the hardest classes and study the most because this is the stuff that is important on your final high school transcript

Due to COVID-19, a lot of people had to finish their junior and senior year earlier than expected. They didn’t have the best in school opportunities that they could have had because of COVID. Because of this many school activities were paused like in school learning, clubs and activities, and most importantly college visits. 

Visiting a college is one of the main things you do junior year and early senior year. It’s what makes your almost impossible decision seem like a simple reality. Due to COVID 19 all of that was put on hold. For some people, that wasn’t a problem at all.

“All my schools recommended that I go on a virtual tour, and if I am being honest it wasn’t that different from a normal one,” Adam Bialzak (12) says. 

For most people it just made them feel more nervous about their upcoming decision for their next step in their academic careers because of the lack of knowing what that college is like. 

“ I had a lot of them planned out which threw everything off balance but I was able to do some virtual tours which was nice,” says Ellie Clark (12). 

 People still enjoyed the virtual campus visit either on zoom or google meet. It was the best they could do during this pandemic.

“Not at all, but it was still nice to get a sense of the campus,” Clark said.

People have mixed feelings either way and hopefully schools can open up again, and let these students take their next step in their academic career and life. Schools and staff have done the best they could during this pandemic.