Lights, Camera, Action: Homecoming 2020

Stella Logsdon, Staff Writer

Lights, camera, action! That’s right, it’s Homecoming week once again here at Dowling Catholic. While we may not be able to roll out the red carpet, we’ve still got a great week full of star-studded activities that are guaranteed to secure an Oscar. Let’s take a look at what this week has in store for the Maroons!


Though the summer heat might be fading here in West Des Moines, the beach knows no such thing as weather. So grab your trunks, towel, and don’t forget that sunblock, because Monday is all about “Teen Beach Movie”. This ultimate 50’s surf’n’turf showdown is the perfect way to kick off Homecoming 2020!


Next, we’re sticking with the 1950s theme and honoring a classic film, “The Outsiders”. That’s right, it’s time for you to decide if you’re more of a ‘Soc’ or a ‘Greaser’, show off your edgy 50’s style, and stay golden, Ponyboy. 


Needless to say, on Wednesdays we wear pink. While it may not quite be October 3rd, “Mean GIrls” is the early 2000s cult classic. So, put those heels on, grab a pink accessory, and try your shot at sitting with the Plastics at lunch. 


After a long day at Northshore High, it’s definitely time to watch some football. Rep your favorite team, put those cleats on, and gear up for some Thursday Night Football. 


To wrap things up, we’re showing school spirit while cheering for the Wild Cats, because hey, we’re all in this together. “High School Musical” is the final showing of this week-long movie marathon. Show up in all things Dowling, and be ready to break out in song and dance. 


Be sure to share photos of your outfits throughout the week, and use the hashtag #DCHSHOCO2020, for a chance to win the grand prize of a $100 Amazon gift card. Let’s go Maroons!