Online vs. Hybrid


Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

The 2020-2021 school year is one for the books. The rising COVID-19 cases have made schools change their schedule drastically. Dowling Catholic has given students two different options: hybrid or online. 


Kaylee Tigner (11) chose to go completely online, to greatly reduce the chance she will contract the virus. The biggest con for her is the social aspect. 


“I miss seeing my friends and meeting new people,” Tigner said. 

Kaylee Tigner also acknowledges the pros; she can do my homework throughout the day, wear comfy clothes, and the biggest is she finds herself less stressed. She no longer spends hours at night doing homework, as long as she gets rid of most distractions she is able to focus. 


Lauren Linkletter (11) loves the hybrid schedule. The atmosphere at home has provided her with a great study space and she still is able to get most of the social aspect she had last year. Like Tigner, Linkletter also finds herself less stressed.


‘I’m talking less in class and paying better attention so there’s less to stress about,“ Linkletter said.


The debate about which is better is a big topic this school year.  There are pros and cons with both styles but all that matters in the end is the safety of the students.