Quarantine Crazes

Maroons take on new hobbies and share why they are sticking with these newfound passions.


Senior Sarah Wicker poses with her in-progress knitted bag.

Boredom struck many teens over quarantine, leading to some spontaneous new hobbies! Two Dowling students share their quarantine pastimes and how they have continued to pursue them since resurfacing from lockdown.


Meredith Schultz (10) began running over quarantine after the spring high school soccer season was cancelled as a way to keep active. 

Sophomore Meredith Schultz runs in her first cross country meet for Dowling Catholic.

She has now joined the Dowling cross country team and her performance is exceeding all expectations. Paired with soccer, Schultz has a lot on her plate, but finds time to indulge in her new passion.


“[Running] keeps me busy and I have made lots of new friends through it,” Schultz said.  


While Schultz was hitting the pavement, Sarah Wicker (12) was cozying up on the couch and learning to knit!


“I have attempted to learn in the past but it has always been difficult,” Wicker said, “I finally gained the patience and time to learn once quarantine hit.”


Wicker’s practical new hobby kept her entertained inside during seclusion and continues to be her free time choice activity, when she’s not thrifting of course.


“Knitting is very time consuming but I enjoy it!” Wicker said, “I am currently making a bag right now!”


So while quarantine may have brought troubling times, exciting hobbies also emerged and are sticking with students for the long haul.