The Chapel in COVID

Dowling opens up the chapel for early morning prayer


Eleanor Meek, Staff Writer

The chapel is an important part of the Dowling community that a lot of students are missing during this pandemic.


Right now the chapel is only only before after school, during prime time for mass, and more recently in the mornings before school. Sadly because of sanitation problems, during the lunch period the chapel has remained closed. For hybrid students it’s the struggle of finding time in the day to go visit the chapel, but for all online students they aren’t sure when they’ll even be able to visit the chapel again. 


“I’m currently all online so I haven’t been able to attend the chapel, but it’s been weird not be able to go and attend the chapel, 

but hopefully I will be able to soon,” Piper Kirchhoff (11) said.


Finding an activity to replace the time students spend in the chapel before lunch is difficult, the serenity and quiet the chapel provides is most students favorite part.


“My Favorite part about going to the chapel was it’s quiet place so when you go to pray its always very relaxing,” Kirchhoff said.


For another student, Joey Hancock (11), who is a hybrid learner, also liked the chapel for its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


“My favorite part of the chapel was how quiet it is,” Hancock said.


But for him the chapel was much more than a relaxing moment in the hectic school day.


“It has affected me because I can’t go to the chapel with my friends anymore and grow my relationships with them,” Hancock Said.


The chapel is a special experience that Dowling students get to enjoy, but some are missing that extra moment in the day to reflect, pray and grow in their relationship with God and the friends they pray with. Hopefully the chapel will soon be able to open again full time and the students will be able to have those moments back.