Future Plans for Graduates


Sofia Manzano, Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner and most seniors know what they want to do when the time comes. 


The majority are preparing to start a new chapter of their life at college and can’t wait to explore all the exciting possibilities. Many are grateful for the freedom that college grants them.


“I’m most looking forward to getting out of Iowa and finally having the freedom to discover my opportunities on my own,” said Rachel Heaston (12). 


Others are most passionate about going beyond the country’s border after highschool and broadening their view on the world.


“I’ve always dreamed about traveling the world and studying in England,” said Sarah Wicker (12). “In ten years I see myself with a photojournalism degree and settling down in England.” 


A handful of students are forever grateful that unlike high school, students will be able to work according to their own schedule in the future.


“College will allow me to be responsible for my own schedule and I’m super excited to organize my day to fit my needs as opposed to someone doing it for me,” said Sophia Stone (12). “ I will feel more independent in college.”


Additionally, a few students are thinking about taking a gap year before starting their college career. 


While each senior has different paths ahead of them, they all have bright futures and will do amazing things.

London, England