Homecoming Dance Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

Dowling Catholic students are upset because what would have been their first or last homecoming has been cancelled. Due to COVID-19 there is no homecoming dance, but there are still homecoming week festivities. 


Throughout the whole week, students have been encouraged to participate in dressing up to the themes. Dowling has also organized a movie night for the freshman, sophomores, and juniors at the Palms Theater to watch Trolls: World Tour while staying COVID-19 safe. For the seniors, there is a picnic on the football field. 


“I have been dressing up for the themes the days I’m in school, and I am going to the senior picnic on Thursday night,” Grace Evans (12) said. 


Even though there are still things going on at school during homecoming week, the main event has been cancelled, the dance. The juniors have been awaiting this day so they could finally attend their first dance. 

Abby Staun (11) shows her sadness towards the dance being cancelled

“I understand why we don’t have it, but it makes me sad cause I won’t get to have my junior homecoming,” Abby Staun (10) said.


As for the seniors, this is their last chance to go to a homecoming dance at Dowling. All the fun memories they have made at the past dances will have to count for this year’s dance too. 


“I’m really bummed I don’t get a senior homecoming. Dances are super fun and a great memory to look back on with your friends, and it sucks my senior homecoming won’t be happening,” Evans said. 


Instead of going to the dance some students plan to do their own thing with their friends while still staying safe by wearing masks and social distancing. 


“I am going to take pictures with my friends and go out to dinner, and I plan to social distance,” Staun said. 


There might not be able to be a homecoming dance, but students are hoping for winter formal and prom. There is no way to predict how things are going to be in 2021, but hopefully good enough for the students to attend a dance. 


“I think we may not have winter formal but I think we will have prom, and I am really hoping we have at least prom,” Evans said.