Freshmen Check-In

Three new freshmen answer questions about their first few weeks of school at Dowling.


Freshmen Averi Langin poses for a masked-up selfie during the school day.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

Adjusting to high school has never been an easy task, and new Dowling Catholic freshmen are persevering through this year with extra pandemic challenges.


A few of these acclimating freshmen share their perspective of the beginning of this crazy COVID year and some of their first reactions to life past middle school.


Averi Langin (9) says the most difficult part of her transition to high school has been leaping out of her comfort zone to talk to people she isn’t very familiar with in her classes.


Socialization is a huge part of 9th grade, and COVID-19 has certainly made it even more difficult. Nevertheless, besides making simple conversation with new peers, another easy way for freshmen to meet people is getting involved in the Dowling community.


Jack McGuire (9) and Nick Frerichs (9) have jumped into sports such as football and cross country to have some competitive fun while finding future friends. 


However, these opportunities for social interactions through sports and clubs have been limited due to pandemic precautions and online school. The freshmen also commented on the academic set-backs they feel they have experienced due to online learning.


“I prefer [school] in-person because I can see friends and talk to many more people,” Langin said. “I’m also a lot more engaged and pay attention way better in person.”


Frerichs agreed and elaborated that his online classes are not very well-organized, and it is often harder to understand the material while not in the classroom.


These COVID-19 changes may be a bit of a bummer for an anticipated year of firsts for the class of 2024, but freshmen are still enjoying many positive aspects of the jump up to high school. 


“I love the hot lunch options,” Maggy Sullivan (9) said. “and that we get to be on our phones in class sometimes.” 


These positive moments are helping freshmen gaze ahead with hope for the future and four years of excitement at Dowling.


“I’m most looking forward to the chance to learn and be ready for life after high school,” McGuire said. 


And so despite this year’s unprecedented circumstances, the class of 2024 is officially part of the Dowling family and is ready to take on the next chapter of their lives in high school.